Day 1

New chapter in my life, new blog. Sounds fitting, yeah? And also it’s easier to create a new account for the app than try to manipulate my old blog to be cool… And, you know, not focused on that blasted wedding. We survived it – chalk it up to love and celebrate it for giving me full possession of that which makes my heart happiest. 🙂


This is my farmer. Even in the Carib, he insisted on wearing his Wranglers and reppin PASS. He also has this fascination with these shades, even though he keeps losing them…


This is my other buddy. He’s really a Daddy’s boy, though. Don’t let the fluffy ears fool you, no fancy food or digs (pun intended) for this farm dog. 🙂

These boys take up the majority of my time on the farm, which is rather.distressing. Who would have thought the girl raised in the dirt and educated in the nitty gritty of agriculture would wind up working somewhere like:


This?? It is what it is, though, and so my new life – and thus, new blog – revolves around the juxtaposition of a farm wife in a city life.

Until next time,


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