Day 3

Reading blogs might very well be my new obsession. Keeps me out of the housework, at least… O:)

I also did this tonight:




It’s the little things. Got to spend some quality time with my Yog-Bog while his father sprayed us with grass clippings. Not complicated, just feeding my OCD.


As a sign of celebratory generosity, work is giving us a jeans week next week! Four free casual days! Woohoo! The best thing about jeans weeks (besides the obvious) is the greater shoe options. I only have so many shoes that go with brown Express editors, but I have lots that go with BKE cultures or Ariat amazingness. Like a certain pair of wedding boots… *Annnnnd* sandwiched between this casual Friday and casual Next Week is CalfFry, and you can’t go wrong with a weekend of red dirt! Man… Life is pretty good!

I really want to share something. We noticed a while back that a kildeer had:


made a nest in the driveway. There used to be four eggs… I don’t know if coyotes or foxes or something got three, if a wayward visitor nicked some, or what, but whether she’s sitting on four or one, you still gotta ask – who in the heck told that bird that was a good idea??

I had been thinking about that being one of those things you only see when your driveway isn’t concrete, but Monday, I realized there are things you only see in town….


Thats a handmade Kony 2012 sign. Taped to a buffalo’s face. Leaving work, I saw it had moved (or had been moved) to his left flank. A viral video just can’t catch any breaks.

And some days, I get the best of both worlds…


That’s my better half, throwing a dust cloud I can see from my office almost two miles away.

Sometimes its not so bad being a country girl in the city afterall.


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