So, yesterday, my busy night got in the way of blogging. We managed to make it to Stillwater in time for the second half of Randy Rogers. CalfFry is a massive crowd (since it took us 20 minutes to pull out of our parking spot) so it’s harder to get up close. I much prefer nights like these:



You know, so close you can ID the stitching on the drummer’s jeans, oso close you can feel pure bass pumping through your veins… Love.

Oh well. Got to see my BGF and people I haven’t seen in a while so life is good. I’m thinking lunch and Marble Slab. 🙂

CalfFry is infamous for being wet and muddy. It wasn’t last night, but you never can tell. Of course, that won’t stop the high school girls and not-country girls from still wearing their sundresses and sandals, or daisy dukes and brand new cowboy boots. Is it a sign I’m getting old that the slightest threat of rain was enough to make me peruse my tshirt collection? I also came to the conclusion that I really need to get motivated to purge my wardrobe. Any hints/tips??


Speaking of motivation, it sure is hard to get motivated to run next year’s circuit when everyone else is chillin with a case of Silver Bullets. Maybe I need another short term goal to get inspired again.

Thought for the day ~ If your dog doesn’t like someone, you probably shouldn’t either.


One thought on “Desculpeme

  1. After the massive work you did on my room, when I started sorting through John and I’s plethora of tshirts, I gathered any that didn’t fit the way I wanted, or hadn’t been worn in awhile and put them in a laundry basket. I put the basket in the closet, and when I got the spacesaver bags out, I went through them again. Any that I sincerely wanted to keep, I put in a bag. I put a few of them in the pile to cut up for a t-shirt blanket, and I put over half the basket in the goodwill pile., Amazing what just a few weeks did to change my perspective about shirts I just couldn’t bear to get rid of,. Out of sight for awhile and I didn’t need them as much as I thought. Worked for me.

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