April in Oklahoma

I told everyone we were crossing our fingers for our wedding day to be the one in a million April day to not be:
A) hot
B) cold
C) excessively windy
D) raining
E) tornading
F) all of the above

Despite several scares, our big day went off well. However, Mother Nature is apparently not going to give up Oklahoma, April, or Calffry weekend without a fight. We really need to get a storm shelter. This whole closet thing bothers me a little. In college, Ag Hall was never too far away. At home, I think we got in the basement once. We haven’t hit the closet yet in the 50 weeks I’ve been here, but we’ve had a hole in the middle cleared and ready to jump in twice in that 50 weeks… Crazy what a difference two hours of latitude makes!

Anyway, the tornado-able storm went south of here, no damage visible between the inlaws and here, so it’s back to life as normal. Jeans Week!

Ate mais,


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