Just a Note

I know I’ve been amiss. Life just hasn’t called me lately. Every day is a beautiful day with my love, just not in the ‘share this with the universe’ way.

4th of July happens to be my favorite holiday. We have a perfect view of the north, west, and south skies to watch neighbors and distant towns shoot fireworks. That’s what I missed the most while I was in Stillwater. I always tried to go home for the 4th (the summer I was in Brazil it was tough, but I made it home from Kansas and Indy) just to drive down to the pasture with the best vantage point. There’s more trees here, but it’ll do.

I also get an extra weekend (in the,middle of the week!) to catch up on housework and projects (cafe curtains in progress!) and plan a fantastic party with friends down the road.


I think this should count as a week’s serving of fruit. Wine counts as a fruit, right? I’m not normally a conneiseure (swype has no idea how to spell that) but I can make me a mean sangria from time to time… And food and fireworks and friends and family and fun and I just can’t wait! Since the Other Half got hay done today, maybe he can take it easy tomorrow when it gets hot. It worries me, him in that hot shop all day…

Happy 4th!


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