Him and Food

I have this thing in my life. It’s not quite deja vu, but similar – themes in my life repeat themselves. Someone will mention a brand new band, and then it pops up on my Facebook that they’re coming to my town. A random topic of conversation with one friend will come up the next day with someone else. An obscure reference made on the news or morning radio will come up again in a matter of hours. It’s creepy, but I also feel a little less alone when all the pieces of my world are interconnected.

It happened again this morning. The sermon this morning was about building a relationship with God, everyday, constantly striving to put away the thrills of yesterday, of the old man, and to focus on the Prize and on His words and wishes and promises. And in this, the preacher said to put away your old habits, and once you get into the habit of living for Him, you’ll no longer be interested in those old temptations.

And it hit me suddenly that I had this same conversation Friday with my best guy friend. It’s been busy at work and I haven’t been grocery shopping and it was 5:30 and I was starving. There’s no quick food on my route from downtown, so I was strolling through the grocery store looking for inspiration for supper. I know that’s normally a bad thing to do, because everything will look amazing, and you’re unlikely to make a satisfying choice.

I didn’t have this problem Friday. I’ve been so absorbed lately in learning about nutrition and fitness and the right sources of fiber and protein and carbs… About avoiding fat and grease and empty calories that EVERYTHING in the store repulsed me. The frozen food. The skillet in a bags. The hamburger helper. I knew that the food in those containers would not satisfy, wouls not sustain me, would not give me the energy and strength I need to get through my days. I finally decided on whole wheat mac and cheese and extralean beef. But even the macaroni casserole that had been on my mind all day didn’t make my mouth water. I cooked supper and went to bed without eating, without being hungry.

In the meantime, waiting on my better half to come home and enjoy the supper I prepared for him, I was in the middle of my evening chat with my best guy friend. I told him about the grocery store, about having zero interest in filling my belly with that which used to call my name from grocery store aisles.

So today it came full circle. As Pastor Jimmy was talking about no longer wanting to lie, to cheat, to steal, to deceive, I thought about the parallel. If food fills your belly and keeps you alive, then your day to day choices and Walk fill your spiritual gas tank and keep you Alive. And in the same way that learning about nutrition opened my eyes to the junk that I used to feed myself, learning more about His Word will show you the healthier way to be. Then your old friends, your old dreams, your old jokes, your old attitudes won’t hold thr same appeal. It still sounds crazy-difficult to me…but so did giving up junk, until I tried it. Until the first 5K. Until the first 10K. It’s all about perspective, commitment, and support.

And then one day you realize what you used to eat won’t get you to your goal weight.


Every once in a while, you can indulge… If you can handle the consequences.

‘Don’t be ‘on the fence.’ The fence is where you find the temptation that drags you away from where you wanna be.’
-Pastor Jimmy


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