A Brainstorm

In high school, I was driven. Do my work, show off, write essays, get scholarships, 4H, band. Then in college, it was about more accolades, meeting people, finding a career that I would love, giving of myself to causes I cared about. Then I graduated, started a job hunt, and moved into my future in-laws’ house. The most compelling part of my day was deciding what to make for supper. But the job hunt ended, we got a house, and the wedding loomed close.

But now… House settled (for now), farm quiet, job settled, marriage stable. I’m bored. It’s funny, too, that I can only run under stress… An internship eleven hrs from home, the most hellacious semester of eight classes, the home stretch to ‘the most important day of my life.’ I guess I can’t run if life is stable.

I have lots of ideas. The entire first seven seasons of Grey’s… A green broke gelding… A five year old gelding, for that matter… Leather tooling… Archery… Jillian Michael’s 6 Week 6 Pack… An 8K (next weekend, not gonna happen)… Any running, really…

And yet… No. Nada. Nothing. But at least I know why I’m a shell of who I used to be… I’m bored!

But on a high note, our guest room is full tomorrow! Yay!