I’ve been in a blogless mood lately, but something inspired me today. Maybe it was Shae and Steph, maybe it was my urge to go run. Anywho, I’m back, and for the next 35 min before my show (Pretty Little Liars!!! Spencer is going to dump Toby at any moment, and I really want to know who killed Garrett!!) I’m going to try to be charming, witty, and interesting.

My husband warned me before I came home that I would find a trench across the driveway. The inlaws are building a house next to our trailer, so I’m not particularly surprised. Thia is what I found:


(The new house is 20 foot behind me here. Sure glad we’re moving into their old house, half a mile away, when they get done.)

Not only a trench, it’s a freaking mountain range. I love dirt.

So, I mentioned I got inspired to run today. My sister and I haven’t totally given up our 13 5K’s in ’13 plan, but we haven’t exactly done much about it either. Run the Ville, the local 10K, is at the end of March, and I’ve had a friend ask me to run with her. Plus we have a new wellness initiative at work. Annnnnnnnd, my better half bought me two new bikinis for Christmas for our cruise, and I am soooo excited about them. I want the lean, toned body that says bikinis are acceptable daily wear in Mexico.


Cute! Cute! Cute!

Inspiration aside, the first mile of 2013 went alright. It was 36° when I left work at 5:15, in broad daylight, but by the time I made it through town, stopped for gas, and made it home, it was a chilly 30° and dark. I hate winter. So I prepared.


Fitness, not fashion, right?

As I was setting out for my mile, my husband called. Of course, I love him to death, but why do people try to distract you at the worst possible moment? OF COURSE I wanted to go have chili with him and his dad, but if I ran half a mile to the supper table, I never would have made it the whole mile I did! It was a run/walk (safety first!) that was only a warmup, cooldown, a turnaround, and two telephone poles walking, which is damned impressive, considering how lazy I’ve been since, oh, September?

Yes, I measure distance in milelines, half-milelines, and telephone poles. Don’t hate. Inaccurate it may be, bit it’s a fair sight better than my Nike+.

I enjoyed the walk breaks, but I probably could have run some more. And then I decided I should sprint the last 1/10 as hard as I could… Ouch. I’m out of shape. 😦

The best part of my run was the smell of money. I can’t run inside… How would I check the calves?!? Best part of the day is playing chase with them.

Almost time to catch the latest on PLL. I’m not as captivated as I was in Indy, the summer it started, but after 2.5 years, I can’t exactly stop. It might be clinical…

I have some brainstorms noted, so hopefully I can be as interesting as primetime TV. Gotta do something to keep my viewers plugged in. Stay tuned for more on home renovations, horse adventures, my Pandora, and other highlights of this farm wife with the city life!


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