Food diary

Part of the aforementioned wellness initiative includes keeping a food journal. Now, I haven’t ate supper yet, basking in my post-run bliss, but I can at least catch up to now.

Two eggo waffles with peanut butter
Orange juice (~8 oz, diluted with another 8 oz water)

Basil chicken stuffed pocket at Rolling Pin
Carrots and celery with hummus
Lemonade with a splash of sprite

4 oz cottage cheese and ruffled chips
Chicken/cheese/sour cream wrap. Grilled. Delicious.
Joes cup of Cinnamon Streudel Mini Wheats (not bad, may not buy again) with milk.

Not sure how much water I drank, probably not enough.

1 waffle with PB
1 small slice leftover pizza
Orange juice like yesterday

Potluck at work! Little of everything… Chicken salad, bbq beef, chili, pinto bean salad (salad, cheese, beans, tomatoes), cheese rollups, pumpkin roll. And weight watchers chocolate cake! Love love love food days.

I’m probably going to have my bbq beef leftovers for supper. Or maybe some Multigrain Cherrios… Hmmm…

Eat well, friends!


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