Food diary 3

I’m fairly sure I made one already… Oh well.

Hot pocket ham, orange juice
Welch’s fruit snacks

Bbq beef w some cheese

Leftover pizza slice
Snacked on cheese
Cheesy burger and 5 nachos
Cottage cheese w/chips

Multigrain cheerios w milk
Reese’s tree
Cottage cheese w chips
Fruit snacks

Candied pecans
2 hot dogs w ketchup
Mt dew
Handful of sunchips
Slice of colt’s bday cake

2 eggs baked in bacon slice

Leftover SW pasta
Cherry yoplait light

I haven’t been counting my water, but it’s going up.


5 thoughts on “Food diary 3

  1. I’ve started carrying my 24 oz gym bottle with me. Fill it up when I go to bed, then I have it cold when I get up, take it to work, and if I get 2 down a day, then I know I got at least that 48, plus my honey/cinnamon/lemon mug of morning water puts me at 55ish… helps keep me on track. I’m trying to do better with my water intake, I know it’s been down. And there’s supposed to be some good benefits to the morning combo, so I’m trying it out.

    • I have a 24 oz insulated cup at my desk, as well as a backup for days like monday when I forget the big one in the dishwasher. I just get too lazy to walk the stairs to get water (and its tasting funny lately)… And then with the whole water/ice ratio. I just need to come up with a counting strategy… Lol and to keep drinking water at home! Where did you find that morning combo recipe?

  2. I tagged you in some pins on my “In Progress” board, shows the benefits, and gives directions. I combined the 2, after googling to see if it would have a negative impact on the benefits. Several others do the same thing, so I’m going to try it out for awhile. The lemon water alone was a bit too much for me at first. The combo seems to be much easier on my stomach.

    • We went to a sales pitch today at lunch for myfit foods, a meal company out of Texas that recently expanded into Tulsa. They pitch a morning cocktail that is cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, water, and… Honey, I think. And possibly B12, depending. Supposed to be good for your liver.

      • I saw a page today on the benefits of Apple cider vinegar, thought I might try that next. Honey is supposed to be good for a lot of things. But raw honey is best, and so now I want to get some of that.

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