Food Diary 4

Sunday supper
My better half volunteered to cook, and threw together penne, Ragu (extra veggies, of course), and leftover chicken.

And then we planned meals for the week!

Two waffles, pb, juice

I had errands to run at lunch, so I swung by Arby’s for a small fry, mid classic (no cheese) and lemonade. I was starving soon after though, and had a welch’s fruit snack packet.

Beef Enchilada nachos (with extra lettuce and tomato!)
Slice of Colt’s cake and scoop of peach Breyer’s. Yummy. And I’m pretty sure I hit my 8 glasses of water!

2 waffles, pb, juice

Subway Club
Peanut energy bar…. Realizing that peanuts and peanut butter really aren’t interchangeable.
Fruit snacks
Hawaiian Chicken Curry (aka pineapple and chicken over rice) w corn
Strawberry cobbler disaster… Goo thing I had peach ice cream to save the day!


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