Food diary 5


2 waffles, pb, orange juice

myfit Foods lunch ‘n learn schpiel. Had turkey chili, not totally sold on the program.

Was staaaaaaarving by 2 30 when I got out of a meeting, so had a peanut bar. They’re chewy protein bars by Nature’s Own. I think… Isn’t that the brand with the granola bars you have to break with a hammer and hold in your mouth before chewing? Anywho, 10g protein and 6g sugar, better than straight junk food.

Snacked on a little of last night’s cake and leftover bbq beef waiting on the oven.

I added spinach to my salad and had that before my two bbq beef biscuits. The other half missed out on veggies. I don’t think he’s sad.

And that’s the end of the bbq beef! Finally! I took it to a potluck at work, packed my own lunch with it twice, snacked on it over the weekend, and made supper out of it! Best $12 roast (and like half a bottle of Head Country! Hahahahaha)

The myfit presentation got me thinking… They base their meals on low glycemic, high protein, early carbs, and portion control. Is that really so hard to do alone? Maybe just no one wants to learn to cook quinoa… 6-10 lbs in 3 weeks is intense, and you can ramp it up more with exercise? Craziness.


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