Oh yeah, blogging (aka a house, a lifestyle, a weekend, and a horse)

I’m really really sorry because I realize I really really am flooding you all lovely people (all like, four of you lol) with food lately… Feel free to give input now and then… I’m not okay with judgment, though. I realize eating ice cream as an afterwork snack before supper won’t get me Cozumel-bikini ready in eight weeks (my farmer pointed it out when I did it) so shaming me on my own blog isn’t nice, yo.

But I digress. The point of that was to say I’m going to work harder to throw a day in the life of this farm wife in there in between waffles and crockpot recipes. 🙂

To catch ya’ll up, 2013 is starting off nicely. The inlaws are almost done with their house, so FWCL is about to be DIY-heavy! If you have me on Pinterest, you aren’t surprised. We’re getting their house, selling this little trailer that has been home for the last year. The house is pretty nice, built in the 70’s, well-maintained, just needs a few updates.. Paint, new walls, maybe tear out a wall or two. Stay tuned!

I’m also, for a variety of reasons, getting back on the fitness train (if you hadn’t noticed). I don’t just want to hit it hard and get the cruise body and then give up. I don’t want to do the yo-yo thing you always hear about, I’m looking for sustainable. Semi-Paleo is sustainable. Lots of water is sustainable. Running a couple times a week, Pilates two or three times, all that is sustainable. Let’s be honest – marathon training, strict diets, expensive plans.. Not sustainable.

In the spirit of creating a fun, supportive environment, here’s my newest find: RunHundred. It requires an email to get in, seems like it’ll be pretty cool. It has lots of songs, sortable by several categories, with samples (not smartphone-friendly) and beats per minute info, and allow users to vote: would you work out to this? It’ll be a good site for brainstorming! I’m always looking for new playlist inspiration!! I’ll let you know over time what I think, let me know what you think!

In other news, I’m a sucker for days off work. I snuck my farmer away last night as an early birthday surprise (no hike involved, as it turned out). It was nice to get away, run some big city errands, see another Oklahoma state park. It wasn’t his dream weekend, but after he got a nap and some Family Guy, he was much more agreeable and we got some good laughs over the geese and fellow guests. Now he’s tinkering in the shop (happy weekend for him lol) and I’m catching up on Netflix and there is STILL another day of the weekend!! Fantastic!

Oh oh oh before I forget, my horse-riding buddy is looking for a new home for this mare he has had for a few weeks:


She’s about 12, well broke, getting ridden once or twice a week now and needs at least that much attention. Not sure what her backstory is, she’s a little shy about some things, like maybe someone was rough with her, but we rode on the road the other day and cars and trucks and Banshees and whip cracking and standing around talking to neighbors didn’t really faze her.


Right now I wouldn’t say she’s a kid horse, but fine for an intermediate rider, and may make a great kid horse with a few more miles! My friend thinks she’ll do great as a trail horse, she has a super smooth gait and isn’t spooky about much. Let me know if you want more pics or info!

Anywho…. That’s enough for now! Mwah!


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