Food diary 7

Eggs, 3 slices bacon, one sausage, and a box of miniwheats from the buffet, two shooter cups (really?) of milk

I made my husband buy me a bag of gummy worms. I’m still eating on them.

Yogurt, peach ice cream

Meatloaf, chicken and noodles, roll, salad, mashed potatoes, and corn. Peach cake (like my strawberry failure).

Two french toast, eggs, two slices bacon

Multigrain cheerios, no milk

Hot dog (w bread and ketchup)


Chicken and rice, salad, corn, green beans, roll. I also tried a dried date. No thanks.

2 waffles, pb, juice

Peanut protein bar

Hot dog, cold, plain. Gummies.

Leftover chicken pasta, salad w spinach.

Whew. I should do this more often. Hard to remember. Happy Monday!


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