Nightly Giggle

My husband, our friend, and I decided to cook breakfast for supper. The noble chef decided to tackle homemade hash browns, while I stuck to the old classics – eggs, biscuits, and waffles. There was bacon on the agenda too, but we kinda smoked out the kitchen frying hash browns in olive oil on the new griddle…

As part of that yummy endeavor, my better half realized he had peeled and grated way more potatoes than our exhausted exhaust fan would let us cook. And, sitting on the counter, they turned black BLACK quickly — any clues why? We gave up and turned our attention to more interesting things for a while.

A little bit ago, he decided to bite the bullet and take the exploited, orphaned tubers outside. So my nightly giggle for you is the image of a 20something (and almost another year older 20something!) farmer putting nasty coveralls and mud boots on over his sleeping clothes, throwing a camo beanie on, and trekking out with a bowl and spatula into the chilly night.

I don’t know about you, but I got a giggle. 🙂


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