Iron Stomach

I did have that cinnamon roll, then some milk and Cherrios. And now my stomach kinda hurts. I’ve been thinking lately, maybe I don’t have the iron stomach I used to. I used to drink gallons of milk on my own, tons of cheese, yogurt and ice cream, and all of that awesomeness. I eat everything, but adore dairy. It just seems that dairy no longer likes me. Saturday last week, when we were at the state park, I went like a day and a half with only a little milk, and felt fine. Came back and went back to the cereal and ice cream and the icky tummy. Cheese on my sandwiches seems to be okay usually…

Does that sound like lactose problems? I did a short Google search, they say you can develop these problems over time. Or maybe it’s something else altogether…

Blah. Food is too much work.


3 thoughts on “Iron Stomach

  1. Dairy is just one of the things that upsets my stomach when in excess. And by excess, I mean what used to be normal. One glass of milk means no more for the day. Tomato sauce has also entered my list of no-nos. I sincerely hope you aren’t developing issues like mine.

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