Good News/Bad News


This is why I’m glad I ran Monday… This was my running track last night. We really needed the moisture though, hopefully the wheat got a good drink before the snow melted today!

More good news:


My new office decor is adorrrrrable! I just covered my bulletin boards with this awesome mod retro paisley. It’s hard to tell here, but it’s slate grey with muted colors, yellow and pink and turq.

Good news/bad news:
My ‘lean team’ (another work initiative!) won the random drawing in the holiday weight maintenance challenge. Our prizes came in yesterday – a iPod nano, a massage, and a Fit Bit Tracker. I’m excited to start tracking steps AND water AND fitness AND stairs AND sleep! And even better for ya’ll – my food! I’ll quit inundating ya’ll with my food diary. I’ll let you decide if that’s the good news or the bad news. Or both?

I’m still brainstorming our new house… The in-laws are getting closer on theirs, so it’s almost time to paint, drywall, and rearrange the old farmhouse. Anyone else been through that lately? Any suggestions? Pinterest is so tempting, but so impractical for a farm fam!

The worst news I have is that now I have to come up with real topics, now that I won’t be posting my food. Man. I’ll have to get the pics from my holiday crafting posted or something

Oh oh oh I’m registred for the spring 10K, the color run 5K, and the OSU Remember the Ten 5K! Run with me!


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