Who I Am

With a blog title like mine, I’m sure you city kids were expecting dramatic tales of big city glamour and third-world adventures of milking goats and harvesting oats by hand.


The farm kids were probably expecting housewife drama (it’s true, my husband almost threw his greasy coveralls in the washing machine on top of a clean (albeit wet) load of whites) and pictures of sunsets, since you know that’s all a farm wife has time for.


(Ok, that was supposed to be a facetious picture, but TELL ME that’s not gorgeous)

From the random (incessant) comments I make about running and working out, maybe you expected a marathon training fitness/wellness blog.


I could be all of these for you… But I’m just me. I blog from my smartphone, so ya’ll are lucky I’m OCD enough to proofread and edit as well as I do. I sleep in on Saturdays, I snore, and sometimes I forget your birthday. I think a six block walk across downtown negates the cupcake I’m about to buy.


I take an absurd number of pictures of things in my hand. I love Borges in his native Spanish. I worry about offending people but have no qualms about dropping multiple expletives in my own home at the computer (why yes, it is a piece of — nevermind).

So despite who you thought I was, or who you think I should be, I am all I am. And here I am with you.




So if you’re willing to stick through some halfhearted WP-app postings, I’ll promise you some humor. With me or at me, I really don’t mind. Tell yo friends!


Mixing City and Country, Fashion Edition

Time for a little fun! It’s almost Friday!


I adorrrrrrre this shirt. It’s by Express and I have it in hot pink and would wear it every other day to work if I thought no one would notice. I really wanted this green one, but they were out of my size when I made my order last weekend, so I got a blue one…. And green is back in my size. 😦


I’d pair a flashy, flirty top with some simple jeans. These are Miss Me, which still baffles me that they’re equally popular at The Buckle and western stores. This pair has some winged embellishment on the pockets, not too flashy, a little fun. They’ve got a pretty dark wash, which means you can wear them just about anywhere… Sparkle or studs on pockets look cheesy, hurt to sit on, and fall off. I can’t quite tell in this pic, but please always always always make sure your jeans fit you. The cutest pair of jeans in the wrong size will do nothing for your self-confidence — trust me. I also really hope I found the clearance section of Buckle, looking for jeans to share with you, and that distressed stretch jeans (Bad bad idea. Learned my lesson from Vanity.) and heavy whisker washes aren’t making comebacks…


These are my Tony Lama wedding boots. I wear them with everything going out. They’re really comfy for pointed toe leather soles, even after a year, and sometimes you just don’t want the square toe look. These go to work like once a week as well.

Add a couple accessories (dangly necklace, maybe tuck in the shirt and add a bling belt) and you too can look like a farm wife with a city life.

Whatever you choose to wear, love yourself in it. 🙂


Yesterday, I posted about the productivity wonders of a midweek break. After I posted, I got surprised by an invitation to check cows and walk fence. Of course!


Today, I have to confess that my free Tuesday led to a less than motivated Wednesday. Sure, I got some stuff done, solved some issues that have been hanging over us for a while, but I just didn’t feel 110%.

Coming home and smelling chicken in the crockpot made being late to work worth it… Almost. 🙂


In other news, did anyone else watch Pretty Little Liars last night and want to kick something? Why can’t they just tell us who Redcoat is?!? And I think the trunk has the case from Pulp Fiction. Just sayin.

The Mid-Week-End


I highly recommend taking days off midweek. I love 3 day weekends like the next girl, but there’s just something about having a whole weekend to relax and do your nornal chores, and then getting another break two days later!

1. I got to read CS Lewis to my heart’s content before bed.
2. I had time to get my breakfast smoothie juuuuuust right.
2a. A good breakfast leads to a good lunch. See above.
3. Knowing the living toom was vacuumed two days ago calms my perfectionism enough to work on smaller things, like sorting through old magazines.
4. I had time to start my day with a workout, which always totally enegizes me. A run this afternoon too!
4a. So far I have… Folded up yesterday’s rejected work outfit, the pants I did wear, the jeans I wore Saturday, and the load of laundry from yesterday. And it’s barely noon!

In a little bit, I’m taking my truck back to the dealer (anyone else with a Tacoma have the random check engine light + TRAC OFF ? Google makes it sound pretty common.) and making a parts run for the shop. Maybe I’ll hang out down there when I get back and putter with my farmer. He’s truck painter extraordinaire today. What a hero.


(not his truck. From Guilty By Association 2012, ChromeShopMafia, Joplin, MO.) Happy Tuesday!


My college friend Corey at Texan in Training had an interesting post about priorities. It really got me thinking.

They talk a lot at work about work-life balance. I don’t think I have one. Today I worked 8…30ish… to 7 30 and tomorrow I’m not going to work at all. There is always so much to do, I like problem solving and finishing projects…

…And there’s not a lot at home. I’m hoping things change this summer, as 5K’s pick up and I have time and excitement for riding (yes, I’m a fair weather cowgirl. Let the shaming begin…) and the warm breeze calls me outside to chase cows or shoot my bow or talk the boys into going to the lake. And this summer is also bringing a new house, so there won’t be any excuses for being bored.

(Not that I have excuses now, with a vengeance against stuffed drawers and old t-shirts. Space Bags may have been my best investment of our post-registry Target discount. Goodness knows we haven’t used the double griddle yet.)

I promise this relates to priorities! What I mean is, I’m having trouble prioritizing home life over work life when home life is cooking and watching Huckleberry Hound. (And Pretty Little Liars – season finale tomorrow!) But really, is pouring my afternoons into unpaid overtime the best use of my time? I feel like maybe a number of things should be reprioritized… Meal planning. Poking around in the shop with my better half. 5K training. Learning to juggle dog toys on my nose while whistlin’ Dixie. Yeah?

I can’t abandon my job, but my relationship with my husband and our farm are of much greater long-term importance. And as long as I’m planing on forever with him, we might as well eat healthy, right? And my sister and I are still committed (in the institutional sense) to this 13 5K thing… So that’s family time + fitness time, right?

Prioritizing me has to be involved too. I think I do a pretty good job, catching up on my reading and making time to peruse Pinterest. I need to bump up sleep on the list, especially on weekends.

Ya’ll are gonna be sick of me rambling soon. So… Husband-work-me? How about work-husband-me until the sun starts shining again? This dreariness is prime inside time. We sure could use the rain, though!

Priotities… Pass it on!

What’s For Dinner?

As if The Secret wasn’t thought-provoking enough, today’s adventure.is the documentary Forks Over Knives. It’s worth brownie points at work, and I really am intersted to hear the science they want to showcase. It’s only 20 minutes in, mostly establishing their subjects as experts in animal and human nutition, and of underlining (twice, in a fat Sharpie) the state of American health, and yet they’ve used the phrase ‘whole foods, plant-based diet’ at least four times.

I grew up on a farm. I attended an agricultural university, and married a farmer. I’m bred for this lifestyle, and insults to the industry cause a knee-jerk bad taste in my mouth. But I’m also aware of the fact that the typical American diet is hard on the human body. I find it amusing, though, that every expert is DEFINITELY RIGHT about the worst villian in our diet.

I’m no scientist. I haven’t done my own studies. I’m just remarking on the fact that FOK says animal fat is the problem. Paleo diets say bread and carbs are the problem. Some say it’s high fructose corn syrup. And all have ‘scientific evidence’ to prove it.

So who will win? Obviously the current American diet is a result of marketing. Who says the next one won’t be as well?

But back to my title – does anyone else out there feel as weird about enjoying a greasy burger after hearing about heart attacks and bypass surgeries? Maybe I’ll stick with a salad, just for tonight, until I get my appetite back. 😉

Happy Sunday!

‘The Secret’

I got a brand new copy of The Secret as a new high school grad. I read it once, back then, and it’s stared at me from every bookcase since. I figured it was time to read again.

It’ll be interesting, combining the notions that have stuck with me over the years, and reinterpreting the words with the sort of experience six years, a D1 school, four countries, and a corporate life brings you.

For those of you who haven’t heard The Secret, it’s that your thoughts drive your experiences and like attracts like. When you worry about being broke, more bills seem to come in. When you celebrate a success, another one follows. And the more you obsess and worry, the worse something seems. So, according to the book, if you decide what you want and focus on it, things will work out. ‘The Universe’ will provide.

I remember thinking six years ago that it wasn’t an idea incompatible with Christianity. The whole process of prayer is that you ask for what you want, you pray repeatedly (focusing), and when it comes to you, you praise God, keeping the positive thought pattern. I see Christians having the advantage, though, in disappointments with the consolation that one unanswered prayer doesn’t mean the best thing won’t happen eventually. The book seems to suggest if you don’t get exactly what you wanted, it’s your fault.

The main conflict with Christianity is the idea that ‘the universe’ is supplying these things to us. Christians can call ‘the universe’ God and say that God gives them things, but where is the benefit in God if God and ‘the universe’ listen and reward Christians and heathens alike? If it’s our God who gives all blessings, not ‘the universe’, where is the benefit in Believing, if pagans pray to our God, calling Him ‘Universe’ and He rewards them the same as the faithful? Rereading The Secret may be an exercise in theology as well.

I didn’t mean to devolve into theistic ramblings – just trying to get myself psyched up to read! If the theistic ramblings did perk your interest, though, feel free to find a copy and read with me.

Religion aside, I do believe *you* can make today a great day. Think about it, then go do it! I’m thinking about a lovely ride in the sun with no wind and no bar fights at the band tonight. 😀 Happy Saturday!

Turnpike Flashbacks

I miss Stillwater. A lot. I’m listening to Turnpike Troubadours while I do my mindless Excel work and it reminds me of all the fun times. Parties, or just sitting around with friends. Live shows. Dancing at the ‘Weed. Calf Fry. College Fest. The vibe on The Strip after a big game. NFR on at The Penny for Finals study breaks. Going back so I can pretend for a weekend that I never left Heaven on Earth.

When did I grow up?

“Steal My Show” tobymac

This song came on the other day on my morning drive. It’s Pledge Week at TheHouse (based in Ponca, but streaming online at thehousefm.com) and they were sharing comments from listener-supporters. Over and over, the listeners talked about how refreshing the positive messages are, in a society that worships people like Chris Brown (abuser) and Beyonce (satanist?) and Lady Gaga (need I say more?) and their music. {Disclaimer: I adore Rihanna’s music, but I’m just as confused by her lyrics and appalled by her videos as the next girl.} But even when songs on Top 40 talk about drinking, sex, cheating, and heartache, you always know there is happy music out there. Some of it talks about God directly, some are respectful love songs that you can sing to your family or spouse, and some are just plain happy songs about life. And then there are songs like this….

So now the crowd is hype, that you showed up tonight
Anticipatin’, cravin’, somethin’ more than smoke and lights
So I’ll step out the way, I’ll give you center stage

I won’t share the whole song with you, it’s easy to search on YouTube and get the real effect, complete with his voice.

This song is a powerful message. While not bossy or condescending, it’s a call to humble ourselves. It’s human nature to be self-centered, but sometimes we’re just tools for “the greater good.” I’ve always said my mom’s accident wasn’t her punishment but a wakeup call to those of us around her to appreciate life and family. So sometimes, no matter what goals we have in mind for our big performance, it might work out better in the long run if it takes a new direction. Maybe that means we write a song that may never be a chart topper, but no man is an island… We cause ripples everywhere.

If you wanna steal my show, I’ll sit back and watch you go
If you got somethin’ to say, go on and take it away
Need you to steal my show, can’t wait to watch you go-o-o-o
So take it away

What I find most powerful about this song is the medium it comes from. The message is great, the tune is catchy, but this song comes from tobymac. For those who may not know (or remember), tobymac was one of a trio from the 90’s known as DC Talk. Jesus Freak, anyone? Point is, he’s been on top of Contemporary Christian radio for years now. He has every opportunity to be proud, arrogant, and self-promoting. But here, he tells us he would replace every word from his mouth with whatever words He puts in his mouth. At risk of his fanbase, his career, his monetary success, he wants to share something he’s passionate about.

It wouldn’t have been the same coming from a debut album, now would it?

Whether you’re a chart topper or a LLG in the corporate world, you can touch someone today. Be nice to the moron in the minivan. Help the little old lady at the grocery store. Spend some time just chatting with your significant other. Count to ten before you go postal. What’s it gonna hurt if you’re not the most important person on the planet today? And who might it help?

Happy Thursday, everyone!!

When You arrive, we come to life
Our hearts collide, they’re beating in the same time
You’re comin’ through, all eyes on You
Our hearts collide they’re beating in the same time,
Beating in the same time
No matter who we are, no matter what we do
Every day we can chose to say…