‘The Secret’

I got a brand new copy of The Secret as a new high school grad. I read it once, back then, and it’s stared at me from every bookcase since. I figured it was time to read again.

It’ll be interesting, combining the notions that have stuck with me over the years, and reinterpreting the words with the sort of experience six years, a D1 school, four countries, and a corporate life brings you.

For those of you who haven’t heard The Secret, it’s that your thoughts drive your experiences and like attracts like. When you worry about being broke, more bills seem to come in. When you celebrate a success, another one follows. And the more you obsess and worry, the worse something seems. So, according to the book, if you decide what you want and focus on it, things will work out. ‘The Universe’ will provide.

I remember thinking six years ago that it wasn’t an idea incompatible with Christianity. The whole process of prayer is that you ask for what you want, you pray repeatedly (focusing), and when it comes to you, you praise God, keeping the positive thought pattern. I see Christians having the advantage, though, in disappointments with the consolation that one unanswered prayer doesn’t mean the best thing won’t happen eventually. The book seems to suggest if you don’t get exactly what you wanted, it’s your fault.

The main conflict with Christianity is the idea that ‘the universe’ is supplying these things to us. Christians can call ‘the universe’ God and say that God gives them things, but where is the benefit in God if God and ‘the universe’ listen and reward Christians and heathens alike? If it’s our God who gives all blessings, not ‘the universe’, where is the benefit in Believing, if pagans pray to our God, calling Him ‘Universe’ and He rewards them the same as the faithful? Rereading The Secret may be an exercise in theology as well.

I didn’t mean to devolve into theistic ramblings – just trying to get myself psyched up to read! If the theistic ramblings did perk your interest, though, feel free to find a copy and read with me.

Religion aside, I do believe *you* can make today a great day. Think about it, then go do it! I’m thinking about a lovely ride in the sun with no wind and no bar fights at the band tonight. 😀 Happy Saturday!


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