My college friend Corey at Texan in Training had an interesting post about priorities. It really got me thinking.

They talk a lot at work about work-life balance. I don’t think I have one. Today I worked 8…30ish… to 7 30 and tomorrow I’m not going to work at all. There is always so much to do, I like problem solving and finishing projects…

…And there’s not a lot at home. I’m hoping things change this summer, as 5K’s pick up and I have time and excitement for riding (yes, I’m a fair weather cowgirl. Let the shaming begin…) and the warm breeze calls me outside to chase cows or shoot my bow or talk the boys into going to the lake. And this summer is also bringing a new house, so there won’t be any excuses for being bored.

(Not that I have excuses now, with a vengeance against stuffed drawers and old t-shirts. Space Bags may have been my best investment of our post-registry Target discount. Goodness knows we haven’t used the double griddle yet.)

I promise this relates to priorities! What I mean is, I’m having trouble prioritizing home life over work life when home life is cooking and watching Huckleberry Hound. (And Pretty Little Liars – season finale tomorrow!) But really, is pouring my afternoons into unpaid overtime the best use of my time? I feel like maybe a number of things should be reprioritized… Meal planning. Poking around in the shop with my better half. 5K training. Learning to juggle dog toys on my nose while whistlin’ Dixie. Yeah?

I can’t abandon my job, but my relationship with my husband and our farm are of much greater long-term importance. And as long as I’m planing on forever with him, we might as well eat healthy, right? And my sister and I are still committed (in the institutional sense) to this 13 5K thing… So that’s family time + fitness time, right?

Prioritizing me has to be involved too. I think I do a pretty good job, catching up on my reading and making time to peruse Pinterest. I need to bump up sleep on the list, especially on weekends.

Ya’ll are gonna be sick of me rambling soon. So… Husband-work-me? How about work-husband-me until the sun starts shining again? This dreariness is prime inside time. We sure could use the rain, though!

Priotities… Pass it on!


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