The Mid-Week-End


I highly recommend taking days off midweek. I love 3 day weekends like the next girl, but there’s just something about having a whole weekend to relax and do your nornal chores, and then getting another break two days later!

1. I got to read CS Lewis to my heart’s content before bed.
2. I had time to get my breakfast smoothie juuuuuust right.
2a. A good breakfast leads to a good lunch. See above.
3. Knowing the living toom was vacuumed two days ago calms my perfectionism enough to work on smaller things, like sorting through old magazines.
4. I had time to start my day with a workout, which always totally enegizes me. A run this afternoon too!
4a. So far I have… Folded up yesterday’s rejected work outfit, the pants I did wear, the jeans I wore Saturday, and the load of laundry from yesterday. And it’s barely noon!

In a little bit, I’m taking my truck back to the dealer (anyone else with a Tacoma have the random check engine light + TRAC OFF ? Google makes it sound pretty common.) and making a parts run for the shop. Maybe I’ll hang out down there when I get back and putter with my farmer. He’s truck painter extraordinaire today. What a hero.


(not his truck. From Guilty By Association 2012, ChromeShopMafia, Joplin, MO.) Happy Tuesday!


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