Mixing City and Country, Fashion Edition

Time for a little fun! It’s almost Friday!


I adorrrrrrre this shirt. It’s by Express and I have it in hot pink and would wear it every other day to work if I thought no one would notice. I really wanted this green one, but they were out of my size when I made my order last weekend, so I got a blue one…. And green is back in my size. 😦


I’d pair a flashy, flirty top with some simple jeans. These are Miss Me, which still baffles me that they’re equally popular at The Buckle and western stores. This pair has some winged embellishment on the pockets, not too flashy, a little fun. They’ve got a pretty dark wash, which means you can wear them just about anywhere… Sparkle or studs on pockets look cheesy, hurt to sit on, and fall off. I can’t quite tell in this pic, but please always always always make sure your jeans fit you. The cutest pair of jeans in the wrong size will do nothing for your self-confidence — trust me. I also really hope I found the clearance section of Buckle, looking for jeans to share with you, and that distressed stretch jeans (Bad bad idea. Learned my lesson from Vanity.) and heavy whisker washes aren’t making comebacks…


These are my Tony Lama wedding boots. I wear them with everything going out. They’re really comfy for pointed toe leather soles, even after a year, and sometimes you just don’t want the square toe look. These go to work like once a week as well.

Add a couple accessories (dangly necklace, maybe tuck in the shirt and add a bling belt) and you too can look like a farm wife with a city life.

Whatever you choose to wear, love yourself in it. 🙂


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