Who I Am

With a blog title like mine, I’m sure you city kids were expecting dramatic tales of big city glamour and third-world adventures of milking goats and harvesting oats by hand.


The farm kids were probably expecting housewife drama (it’s true, my husband almost threw his greasy coveralls in the washing machine on top of a clean (albeit wet) load of whites) and pictures of sunsets, since you know that’s all a farm wife has time for.


(Ok, that was supposed to be a facetious picture, but TELL ME that’s not gorgeous)

From the random (incessant) comments I make about running and working out, maybe you expected a marathon training fitness/wellness blog.


I could be all of these for you… But I’m just me. I blog from my smartphone, so ya’ll are lucky I’m OCD enough to proofread and edit as well as I do. I sleep in on Saturdays, I snore, and sometimes I forget your birthday. I think a six block walk across downtown negates the cupcake I’m about to buy.


I take an absurd number of pictures of things in my hand. I love Borges in his native Spanish. I worry about offending people but have no qualms about dropping multiple expletives in my own home at the computer (why yes, it is a piece of — nevermind).

So despite who you thought I was, or who you think I should be, I am all I am. And here I am with you.




So if you’re willing to stick through some halfhearted WP-app postings, I’ll promise you some humor. With me or at me, I really don’t mind. Tell yo friends!


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