The Buzz about the Bling

Not to disenchant all you single ladies (and gentlemen? Do I have male readers?), but marriage is more work than finding a spouse. It’s easy to catch a man… Giggle lots (means you’re fun), watch some obscure tv or movies of an obscure genre (someone is going to get that reference someday, and then you’re supercool), and take your clothes off (“accidentally” or not) occasionally. Piece of cake.

Marriage, however, is working 12 hour days and coming home and trying to not push each other’s buttons. Coordinating housework, errands, vet visits, wedding/holiday/graduation gifts, meal planning, all to a level you can agree on. It’s everyday, all day, no regrets. Everyone slips from time to time, so at the same time you’re trying to keep it together, you have to forgive your spouse for the inevitable. No matter what.

That’s the truth begind the ring. Pinterest makes wedding planning fun (and with unbelievably high expectations) but you have another forty, fifty, sixty years after your wedding day.

The stomachaches. The mood swings. Laundry Day. The day before Thanksgiving. The day after your birthday. The day your dog dies. The days your nieces and nephews are born. The nicotine withdrawals. The chocolate cravings. The rainy days, the droughts, the day your truck breaks down. Every day.


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