Monday Again!!

It just keeps coming!!

Had a ball this weekend with my sister at Stillwater’s Remember the Ten 5K (her first!) and Downtown Arts Festival. So much inspiration, from the victims’ families, fellow runners (and walkers), and artisans.

Last night we had some friends over and cooked homegrown burgers. I can’t wait to get moved into the new house and start work on it, and have people over all the time!

I feel a little lame for copying an outfit almost exactly, but what can you do? There are only so many business casual outfits a closet can ever make, and especially with four cardis, five pairs of pants, and more camis than a person really needs, you can’t help but get similar outfits every once in a while… And I don’t care! Just throw on pretty jewelry and shoes and realize that No. One. Else. Cares!

(It’s the denim shirt over the black dress from the Who I Am post, in case you’re curious. One day I’ll fully accept the brown belt with black clothes trend…)

Be happy, and have a lovely Monday!


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