Edits to the 101 in 1001

Happy Sunday!

The message this morning at church was about the Good (or Great!) Samaritan. The parable is the answer to the question “And who is my neighbor?” from a lawyer. Do all things in love this week. 🙂

Annnnnnnnnnd, as it turns out, there are a ton of categories of Pulitzers – whoops. To clarify, I want to read the last five biographies.

The last five Best Pictures (as of this summer) were Birdman, 12 Years a SlaveArgoThe Artist, and The King’s Speech.

I broke my list into four categories to add them to my Wunderlist app. (Favorite thing ever! Top 10, at least.): One Timers, Week Habits, Month Habits, and Series of Things. Maybe that will help keep my six thousand thoughts straight. I also have a habit tracker app (I had several, still deciding which one to endorse) that will help keep things organized. The goal is to enhance my life, not consume it, right??


One thought on “Edits to the 101 in 1001

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