Sink or Swim: 101 in 1001

On the heels of yesterday’s post about needing to pick some goals and jump in… Voila! (Is anyone else annoyed with the new habit of calling it “wahlaa” or “waala” or “walla” ? It’s French, people, like capiche and deja vu and chic!! ((random aside as I was Wiki-ing that voila really is French, and not of another romance language — did you know we’re supposed to use “blond” when referring to a man, and “blonde” when referring to a woman??))…)

Okay but for reals… and without further ado… (not adieu, which would be French)

101 in 1001

Today (July 26, 2015)

+1001 (April 22, 2018)


  1. Take a road trip with Mom and Linda to another state
  2. Delete my Facebook
  3. Make an address book of my “friends list”
  4. Perfect a dessert recipe (from scratch) by heart
  5. Find a signature dish from a relative and learn it
  6. Send flowers anonymously to a coworker
  7. Send a birthday present to a long-lost college friend
  8. Send Christmas cards
  9. Finish our wedding album and share with family
  10. Attend a midnight premiere of a movie
  11. Go with the girls to the Caney Zoo
  12. Get family pictures taken
  13. Make friends with someone at church
  14. Start a TV series just for the conversation factor
  15. Take a Daddy & Me trip just because


  1. Plan six date nights – just us (okay MAYBE we could take married friends. but it’s still a date).
  2. Find and use a journal prompt for thirty days
  3. Post a picture of gratitude on Instagram every day for two weeks
  4. Take a lunch walk break every day for two weeks
  5. Take extra clothes to be donated
  6. Choose five books to be donated
  7. Write Steven a love note every week for eight weeks
  8. Define my fears
  9. And then face them
  10. Pay for the guy behind me in line’s food at Arby’s 8/20/15
  11. Go on a picnic with my better half
  12. Write a letter to 30 year-old me
  13. Solve three problems while running
  14. Identify (and fix!) three stressors in my life
  15. Download and read five humor/uplifting books from Kindle
  16. Stay current on my pedicures
  17. Do one thing towards my goals every day for two weeks


  1. Complete one BibleApp reading plan< 8/22/15/li>
  2. Complete three BibleApp reading plans
  3. Read the entire New Testament
  4. Read the entire Old Testament
  5. Keep a prayer journal
  6. Practice yoga at least twice a week for four weeks
  7. Find a church my better half is willing to join
  8. Get baptized 8/7/15
  9. Recognize six times when “bad things” work out for good
  10. Read Mere Christianity
  11. Read two books on theology
  12. Make verse art for our room
  13. Find a volunteer cause I’m actually interested in
  14. Read a book about a religion I know nothing about


  1. Visit the Bartlesville Farmers’ Market
  2. See Nebraska
  3. See Arizona
  4. See Mexico
  5. Make the Talahina Drive
  6. Ride in a hot air balloon
  7. Go to the Tulsa Zoo
  8. Finish designing the new bathroom
  9. Finish designing the new living room
  10. Hang wedding pictures
  11. Learn the names of 3 local weeds
  12. Raise a garden of at least four vegetables to harvest
  13. Plant an herb garden in the kitchen
  14. Have flowers in the kitchen once a month for four months
  15. Complete one cleaning task a day for seven days
  16. Complete one cleaning task a day for thirty days
  17. Complete tornado bags
  18. Start a box of larger emergency gear
  19. Keep the nightstand tidy for three weeks


  1. Listen to Freakonomics or related Podcast at least once a week for eight weeks
  2. Watch the last five Academy Best Pictures
  3. Read the last five Pulitzer winners
  4. Sew a top with a pattern
  5. Sew an item without a pattern
  6. Read a Wikipedia article a day for 30 days
  7. Complete the Portuguese CD set
  8. Extend my blog to reach more than just my family
  9. Learn to play guitar
  10. Watch three foreign films on Netflix
  11. Take a free online class
  12. Project365 and make a book of the results
  13. Make a creative Pinterest craft for the home
  14. Visit an art gallery
  15. Read Grandmom’s favorite book
  16. Find five blogs who write about farm finance
  17. Get my better half’s credit report three times
  18. Get my credit report three times
  19. Like really read Shakespeare


  1. Schedule doctor appointments I’ve been avoiding scheduled for 8/31/15
  2. Complete a half marathon
  3. Exercise at least three times a week for three months
  4. Eat three vegetables a day for seven days
  5. Eat four vegetables a day for seven days
  6. Eat five vegetables a day for seven days
  7. Get my better half to eat three vegetables a day for seven days
  8. Learn to swim
  9. Go surfing
  10. Drink 100 oz of water a day for thirty days
  11. Sleep seven hours a night for five days and see what happens
  12. #RunStreak for at least 30 days
  13. Go rock climbing again
  14. Go zip-lining
  15. Hike the Grand Canyon
  16. Donate blood8/25/15
  17. Find the abs

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