Friday’s Five Things

Friday is rest day, and for most of the rest of 2015, the first day of my weekend. It’s the day I get to sleep in, start in on my to do list, and go to bed thinking,  “And there’s still TWO more days!” I don’t know why I can’t be productive during the week.

I did laundry and baked cinnamon rolls (Pillsbury again, one day I’ll make them from scratch) and we went to town and did some shopping… Welding supplies and house supplies and Walgreens. It’s so much more fun to shop with my Better Half. We rented Mortdecai with Johnny Depp for at-home date night. Now he’s plugging away on the closet reno (it’s going to be so awesome!) and I’m attacking the kitchen. I did a quick inventory of what’s where, so I can think about purging. One day, we’re going to get to reno the kitchen and that’ll lose two cabinets to get an open concept, so I need to do some reorganizing before that happens.

Friday, being the freest day, may be my new official Blog Day, and thus needs a theme. Three Things… Five Things? Five Things Friday. I like it.

Five Things… always in my fridge:
1. Strawberries (chopped or whole or turning mushy…)
2. Single-serving plain Chobani yogurt
3. A bag salad (also possibly going mushy)
4. Deli sliced turkey (oven roasted Land O Frost is my fave, but I’ll vary with the sales)
5. Beer. It takes me two weeks (or longer if I’m training hard) to go through a six pack, but some nights a cold glass bottle is so sweet waiting on pasta to cook or on the front porch with the sunset.

I was reviewing my past blog posts last weekend, adding categories and tags, and realized I’ve been struggling with balance in my life forever. Here’s to the struggle.



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