Friday Five Things: Weekend

I was late to work all five days this week. Our environment isn’t one where I’m going to be written up for being a minute late, and mostly I was later than my target arrival time (which in a perfect world would be like 15 minutes before my target start time, so as to get settled in without the guilt of being on the clock). So it’s not the end of the world, I worked all of my hours and did productive things for the company… I’m just frustrated. Getting up when I want and leaving when I want shouldn’t be this hard. I’ve been an adult for a while now.

Maybe I can redeem myself with a successful weekend. This Friday’s Five Things is all about that… the Five Things I Need to Accomplish to Feel Better…. in no particular order.

1. Check the tornado bag.

Maybe you remember my post on my tornado bag. It’s my portable emergency stash (two bags now, since the post) since I haven’t yet made a home stash (because where would I keep it?). It’s time to re-inventory, update paperework, check expiration dates, and restock where needed. My latest audiobook, The Tao of Martha Stewart by Jen Lancaster, discusses her (Jen, channeling Martha – not Martha’s herself) emergency stash and I again feel unprepared. She has like… lots of stuff. Pet stuff. Cases of canned foods. She never mentions bug out bags or living off the grid, though, so she’s more planning for her power outages than her husband’s zombie apocalypse, I think. What do I expect to happen? Right now I’m expecting tornados, and perhaps a fire. It’s your typical 72-hour kit per But is that enough? And mine is not organized in a spreadsheet by expiration date. Well played, Team Martha.

2. Wash the makeup brushes.

I get ipsy every month. For a long time, I got it, oohed and aahed over the face creams and the pouches, and threw the whole mess in the basket with the others. Except the Tarte mascara – I ran that sample dry. I finally cracked and bought real size makeup. For giggles, today I put Tarte on one eye and my previous Rimmel on the other. Makeup at all on this wet drizzly day was for a giggle, so it was a great test for comparing all-day wear.


Before, 8 am


After, 6pm

The Tarte eye got a little smushed (I was probably rubbing my eyes in agony at work today at some point) and it seems to have shattered a little. I don’t usually have that. I kinda like the color of the Rimmel a little better, though… Hmmm… Hashtag disenchantment.

Anyways. In July, I decided I either needed to start wearing all this ipsy or stop paying for it. So I started wearing it. Forever, I’ve used the little brushes that came with the eyeshadow, and traded powder and blush and bronzer (yes, I bronze all year. No hating.) all through the same self-contained brush I’ve had since high school. A couple ipsys have included REAL makeup brushes and since I’m REALLY wearing REAL makeup now, I figured it was time to unwrap.
Oh what a world of difference! But… now they’re full of makeup. And girls who wear real makeup take real care of their tools and their skin. So it’s time to wash.

3. Sew the curtains.

I bought a sewing machine on a black Friday sale on Amazon. I don’t think it was in 2014… I finally got into it the other day, with the goal of making new office curtains. It really is a beginner model, since I made it through bobbin winding, upper needle threading, and got the lower thread up relatively quickly. I never had such luck with Mom’s machine. The bottom thread made a mess of my first test run and then broke, but that’s normal, right? I fixed all that and tested it real life by fixing my husband’s work jeans’ pockets. They’re too deep, he says, and his iPhone can turn sideways and get stuck. Betty Homemaker 2, errant jeans 0. Since that worked, though, it’s time to put on the big girl shoes and make those curtains.

Also, when I was fabric shopping, I texted my husband and asked if he preferred cow print or orange bandana print. “Cow, for sure,” he said. I got home and he saw it and said “Oh, dairy cows?” Does “cow print” mean anything besides Holstein to anyone else? I’m baffled. Should I have specified? Is beef cow print a thing?

4. Run the six easy miles

The end of week 4! Adding three weeks to the original plan, with these easy weeks, was genius. This week has been so fun, between the return of my running group and The Tao and not dying during every run. It’s still a little disheartening than 7 miles was soooo hard, since that’s only half of my goal, but I keep reminding myself I’m not even a third of the way through. I will persevere.

5. Make sure I have backups of the Facebook photos.

I’m quitting Facebook. The whys and wherefores are great fodder for their own post, but suffice it to say the last thing I need to do is capture pics. If they’re my pics, I want to check my old laptop and old phones, back up those photos to our external hard drive. If they’re someone else’s, I want to steal them and save them as mentioned. Along that same path, I’ll get the video saved of my grandfather-in-law singing Silent Night in Spanish from his last real Christmas with us. My MIL will appreciate; she’s been wanting a copy for months.

Happy Friday!

So. That all seems doable. Right? Yayy weekend!


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