Ogres are Like Onions

Have I mentioned how much I love the movie Shrek?

“Ohhhhh, layyyyerrrrrs.”

I’m catching up on the end of Seven Year Switch. It’s a reality show on FYI, which also brought me my last guilty pleasure (Married at First Sight), about four couples who switch to get new perspective on their marriages. Nothing creepy like swingers – just being physically apart for two weeks and being around a different “husband”. Love is a choice. Entirely. You decide to be happy or to be grumpy.

Running is hard for the first time in a long time. Not the breathing, I finally toughened my lungs up. I think the miles are just catching up to me. I’ve never consistently run at this level before.

Amusing moment of the week….


Monday night. The husband is going to judge me.


Tuesday morning. In the words of the Colin Powell book I’m reading, “You break it, you own it.” You made this mess, you get to clean it up. Thanks, hun.


Rest Day

Happy Patriot Day. Never forget.

I work two more Fridays in 2015. Coincidentally, Friday is my scheduled rest day. I’m still in bed currently. I’ll get up eventually, and then I’ll be on the go until bedtime. No rest for a farm wife once she gets going.

So, I *still* haven’t finished the five things I was supposed to do two weeks ago. I even had four and a half days off for Labor Day! Other things just come up, and I re-prioritize.


Five Things I’m Willing to Work For:

Inspiring other people. I know I have the strength inside me to do great things, and I don’t see anything wrong with doing things from time to time just to prove they can be done – both to myself and to those around me.

Returning the favor. Note: if you ever do anything nice for me, even if it’s standard cultural practice, I’m going to send it back tenfold. Buy my Arby’s, get an invite to a real dinner and drinks and dessert. If you share with me, I’m going to bust it until I have something to share with you.

Loving my family.  There are no farm kids yet, but maybe one day. Until then, I have a Better Half to love and learn about and support. We’ve been watching Home Free on Fox and it’s interesting to see the communication and interaction between the couples. I like to think we’d do well, because we each get up every day and look for ways to help and love, and over the years we’ve studied each other so much. Love is a choice and a verb, not just a feeling.

Investing now what will pay off later. I’m good at delayed gratification. I really am. I’m learning to be less impulsive and it shows each time I write out my food journal and I rack up “no sweets” days for the challenge at work. I have savings. I have tornado bags. I have plans and habits and beliefs now that will add so much to my life, one day when the time ia right.

The thrill of finishing. I start projects for a variety of reasons. Some are obligatory, since really ignite something inside me. With either, once I start, I usually can’t just give up. If I have 30 minutes or an hour left on a project when my time is up at work, I’m staying. When there is one more thing to finish at 11 pm, I’m staying. When the finish line is in sight, even if it’s a mile away still, I’m sprinting. DNF is not an option, even if it kills me. That’s why open to-do items stress me out so much.

Sore abs. Let’s be honest, I’m vain. In this season, I’m all about the running. The focus is on miles, not on strength training (though there’s still a little). It’s not as much ab as last summer’s PiYo, and I’m going to have to be okay with the soft fluff that comes with that. When the half is over, though, and I can go back to a steady routine, it’s on!

Happy weekend, y’all!

Run Recap 9.8.15

Happy Labor Day!

Last night’s run was rough in the humidity, and it was still 95 degrees after we finished. Today, since I took an extra day of vacation, I wanted to run early. No sun at 8 am, but it was still crazy humid. I think it rained last night.

Goal workout: half mile warmup, then 8 sprints of 2 minutes at race pace (9:10 for me), with 5 minutes “recovery” (not defined).


True workout: the “warmup” was 9:20, so a 9:10 didn’t seem like a challenge. The first sprint felt good at 8:00, so I decided stay under 8 for the runs. When it came time to recover, I was staying around 9:30 so I picked 10 to force myself to slow down. Each recovery included about a minute real walk (which my watch says is like 16 or 18 minute pace).

The second run was at 8:06, but the other seven runs were under 8 with no issues. The sun came out at the beginning of the third sprint, but only stayed for about 15 minutes. 5.9 miles on the watch plus another half mile walk home.

No jerks on the road today (except the punk gnats that want to fly up your nose! What is that?). Pre-run was half a cinnamon roll Quest bar and 10ish oz water. Ke$ha wins “most motivational”.

Make it a great week!