Ogres are Like Onions

Have I mentioned how much I love the movie Shrek?

“Ohhhhh, layyyyerrrrrs.”

I’m catching up on the end of Seven Year Switch. It’s a reality show on FYI, which also brought me my last guilty pleasure (Married at First Sight), about four couples who switch to get new perspective on their marriages. Nothing creepy like swingers – just being physically apart for two weeks and being around a different “husband”. Love is a choice. Entirely. You decide to be happy or to be grumpy.

Running is hard for the first time in a long time. Not the breathing, I finally toughened my lungs up. I think the miles are just catching up to me. I’ve never consistently run at this level before.

Amusing moment of the week….


Monday night. The husband is going to judge me.


Tuesday morning. In the words of the Colin Powell book I’m reading, “You break it, you own it.” You made this mess, you get to clean it up. Thanks, hun.



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