Five Things Friday: 101 in 1001 update

I wrote a 101 in 1001 list a while back. I’ve been updating the original post (and the clarifying followup) as I do things, but I put as much value in the journey as in the destination. None of us magically become, are, or have anything overnight. And if it were easy to reach 101 mini-goals in 3 years, everyone would be doing it, making a million dollars, and happy with their lives.

Five Things I’m Struggling With from My 101 List

One – Taking walk breaks at lunch
I’m slipping back into my old habits of work, work, work, and then think about coming home. I can’t even say that my new project is all that interesting, or motivational… it’s actually quite tedious and I think I feel like I have to stay at it and bury myself in it to make any progress. I really DON’T want to spend forever on it.

Two – Doing one thing for my goals every day for two weeks.
I think the underlying problem here is recognizing what my goals are. The last time I tried to write any, it felt like a to-do list. I know I discussed this problem before, but I still struggle. Is the first goal to have a set of goals? Maybe I need better definition, for me, of what a goal is, so I don’t keep second-guessing myself on whether I’m writing a list of goals or a list of tasks. It’s like I keep telling myself – it doesn’t have to be a perfect decision, but you just have to make A decision and see where it goes.

Three – Reading the Pulitzer winners
I borrowed Washington: A Life and although it’s super interesting, I can’t seem to stay focused on it for more than a few minutes at a time. I think this is my adult-onset ADD coming back. Finding a time when I’m not stressed out by 100 things to do, demanding more of my attention than they ought to, is hard. So hard. The audiobook thing is working for me and my long runs, though – that might be the trick.

Four – Finding blogs about farm finance
This task came out of an idea in the back of my mind, that although there are lots of resources out there for personal and family finances and budgeting, there’s not really much information for small farmers. What’s the best way to organize records throughout the year? How many receipts will be necessary come tax time? What’s the best strategy for spending, saving, investing, or otherwise using your money when you get paid twice a year? Surely there are CPAs and tax accountants that are familiar with the intricacies and peculiarities of agriculture – where are they and what specifically do they do? Are there any around here, or are they only up north in “Big Ag”? I want to know everything already available, so I can see if there’s an opportunity somewhere for me. You never know? But at any rate, the first couple times I tried Google, I got nothing. Does a lack of search results indicate a lack of results to be found, or poor search parameters?

Five – Eating my veggies
There are a series of goals in this one, a tiered approach (many mini milestones to celebrate!!) to eating better. I can’t do any of them, though. I do pretty good with three to four (a salad for most lunches is two, I figure, plus normally one at supper) but I can’t do it consistently. And I really am losing hope in feeding the other half enough vegetables. I’m just not creative enough, and neither one of us can handle canned veggies six days a week. I am keeping bag salads and carrots and celery in the fridge, though, so maybe I’ll accidentally do good?


But you know… I really never intended this blog to be me just whining about my life. Really, I love my life. I have a wonderful husband and a nice house in a nice place and a really good job that both supports us and challenges me. There’s not much I want for, and even though I’m so hard on myself for screwing up, I realize I really am a good person. Of course I’ll fail myself and my own ridiculously high standards. But I come pretty close, and I love myself for what I can do. My body is strong and there’s so much to look forward to.


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