Morning FTF

Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.

Martin Luther

This time of year is special, not just for my birthday, but because my birthday marks the beginning of another year with my husband. We had kinda started talking, but we weren’t so close yet that he skipped his fall break weekend for my 21sr birthday. So I went out with lots of friends and he dug an old cow skull out of the pasture and laughed at the handful of less-than-completely-sober texts he got. Then came Homecoming Week, which ended with a sincere heart to heart about what we each wanted out of life and how we were affecting people around us. Two trips to the farm later, the rest is history. Every year gets better.


You’ve heard me talk a lot about my personal development genre hobby. One recurring theme is routines, especially of morning routines. Routines make things easy, second nature. Morning routines make days easy, intentional and productive. A lot of things you read about don’t work for me – I have no kids, I have running groups in the evening so I don’t workout at 6 am, and I will never acquire a taste for coffee or hot water with lemon. But there are things I do want first thing. I’ll never get the morning routine I want by magic, so let’s make it happen.

Five Things I Will Put in My Mornings
1. A round of yoga flow/stretching. I don’t have time for a whole workout, but I can – and should – stretch and get my joints moving. Bonus points if I can get my better half to do it too and work out those farmer kinks in his neck and shoulders.

2. One housework task. A load of laundry in the washer before I leave, wiping down sinks, putting clothes back where they belong… the little things add up. And one begets a second, but if I only do one, it’s okay.


3. Leave a love note. Ironically, the biggest thing about my mornings is what I’m taking out of them. I want as much morning stuff moved to the night before. That’ll leave me plenty of time to leave little sticky notes. Everywhere.

4. Prayer journal. I don’t read like I ought to, I don’t write like I ought to, I don’t pray like I ought to. I like being able to flip back and remember what was important to me. And if one day I don’t have strength to pray anew, I can pull from strong me.

5. Text my besties. Every morning, someone needs an ‘I love you’ or a ‘Have a great day, rockstar’ or even just a ‘how are you?’ Busy is no excuse.

Have a great morning – and weekend – and Homecoming!!


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