Backdate the FTF

It’s been a crazy crazy couple weeks. Family is the most important thing – you do what you have to, to cover them, to save them, to love them. And then, slowly, life goes back to normal.

I have to write. I don’t even care if people read (hi, my four readers!) but I have to organize my thoughts, and save them for future reference. So writing makes life normal. Routines make me happy, so we’re going to catch up on a couple missed Five Things Fridays, even though today is Saturday.

Five Things That Make Life Normal
1. Cleaning schedules
Monday bathrooms, Tuesday office, Wednesday living room, Thursday bedroom, Friday laundry. The dusting and the junk mail and organizing my work heels and my cowboy boots and my running shoes.
2. Cooking
With fresh meat and real veggies is best, but I’d take even skillet-in-a-bag in a pinch. I need to sustain and nourish and satisfy.
3. Commuting
I’d rather live where we do than in town, and the time bookending my day draws a line between the farm wife and the city life, lets me shift gears, and gives the introvert in me some peace and quiet.
4. Running
One foot, then the other. My back starts to sweat. The miles roll by and breathing gets harder. My shoulders tense up and my calves get tight and sometimes my knee pinches. But then, when I let it, when I don’t drown it in podcasts and playlists, magic happens. My body is screaming and taking all of the superficial thoughts away. The big stuff comes up. Truth comes. But even when I’m keeping the truth in a cupboard, I never feel more alive than with the wind in my face.
5. Church
Just as my commute bookends my day, Sunday morning anchors my week. Worship puts me in the right frame of mind, and I get to reflect on the past week and prepare for the coming week. Communion is a chance to reaffirm my faith. And you can’t help but sing hymns the rest of the day.

So although life never stays the same, I find comfort in the normal things to get me through the crazy.

Until then,


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