Half Marathon Eve

It’s finally heeeeeeeeere!

Between family issues (= schedule off, bad food and sleep, stress, and skipping workouts) and an emergency visit to the chiropractor (apparently your back muscles can pull your ribs out of place), I’m nervous. My long runs were supposed to taper from 12.5 to 11, 8, and race, with three runs in the week. I made all four runs on the longest week, but just one the next and 6 instead of 11, one before 8, and one this week. We’ll see…

Five Things Post Run:
1. Pictures!! Ahhh that medal is going to be so pretty!
2. 16 oz chocolate milk. If they don’t have any there, this will bump down the list a couple spots. I can chug chocolate milk like you’ve never seen. And they say it’s perfect carb:protein recovery!
3. Untie my shoes, maybe even switch shoes. I’m going to be so sick of my neon pink Asics. And along the same lines, if it’s chilly, I’ll be eyeing comfy sweats.
4. Food. Our local 10K serves big pieces of coffee cake, and while I know that’s a long shot, there’s bound to be something to munch on. I’m really not even all that picky. šŸ™‚


5. Grocery shopping. Because let’s be honest. Once the shine wears off and we get back to town, it’s back to the real world and grabbing supplies for the next week.

Maybe I’ll sneak a 4a in there and let you know how it goes šŸ˜‰ Happy Friday!

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