Hacked at Food Hacks

Mini-rant for Tuesday, and a word of advice for you Chef Mommy bloggers…

This morning I was trying to throw together teriyaki chicken in the crock pot. I realized I had misjudged my supply of chicken stock. Okay, fairly, I sat down Sunday and planned the first couple days of meals til I could get to the grocery store. I overlooked (cough forgot) last night’s rice used my last carton. So this morning, I’m late, have chicken already in the crock, and have no chicken broth.

Being of the techno-savvy generation that I am, I click away from my recipe and Google ‘chicken broth hack’ and scroll through all the hacks that use chicken broth themselves.

(A hack is an alternative method. It might be used to make a recipe healthier or, in my case, make do with limited supplies.)

If I see one more site that says to use vegetable broth as a substitute for chicken broth, I’m going to scream! Seriously. If I am smart enough to read a recipe and navigate the internet, I have probably already considered that. Oh my geez, vegetable flavored liquid works in a crock pot like chicken flavored liquid?!? Thank you, blogger world for enlightening me!

I did find a site with better alternatives, finally. Let’s hope my husband doesn’t notice the white wine taste.

Happy Tuesday!