Five Things I’m Thankful For

Busy busy day today. One of our closest couple-friends is getting married TOMORROW!! So I got to sleep in for a little bit, then got up and showered and went to their house to get stuff going with that. It was a great morning, we were laughing and singing to cheesy rap music and grumbling about how hungry we were and how far behind schedule.

And then everything changed. They happen so suddenly, bombs like those, don’t they? Everything’s okay now, the wedding will go on, but it was a scary couple hours when we just didn’t know. All we could do was pray. And drive really fast.

So, in honor of that, FTF: gratitude

1. My husband would drop the world for me if I needed him.
2. I have this amazing, extended, adopted, loving family that would drop the world if I needed them.
3. I have enough to survive any crisis. Money, faith, strength, whatever I need, I find a way to make what I have be enough.
4. There are brilliant minds all around me.
5. My running family is so incredible. So so blessed with them.