Keeping Up with the Joneses

One rarely thinks of all that goes into the setting up and keeping up of a house. It really is a full time job for two people. I do what I can to keep the house clean and sanitary and accessible, my Other Half does what he can to keep it functional, repaired, maintained, and adequately equipped with hanging nails. That’s about as far as his interior design skills go.


Which is perfectly fine with me – that’s why we make such a good team!

I am a little overwhelmed with the number of towels in my house. All the towels in my house save two white towels (awaiting the weekly hot water-bleach bath his socks and white tees get) got washed yesterday. It was an intimidating stack in and of itself, and that doesn’t even count all the new ones. I guess I wasn’t paying the best attention when I registered, and some people bought without the registry, but we had eight different gifts of towels. They’re all so beautiful! Now to decide if we keep them all or trade a few in against some new living room curtains. Heaven knows I need some.


I’m sure all this is chump change to the sage Farm Wives around the world, and I myself should be used to it… That recliner sure is more appetizing when I get off work, though, than my Chore Checklist Lite app…

Hasta manana,