Chippin’ Away

I have this twisted self-guilt/rebellious/immature/ocd pattern to my motivation. For instance, my Do It Tomorrow app (greatest EVER!) is like six miles long, and thats not counting what I pushed to tomorrow. I even pared it down to my plan for tonight, and random things that happen in the same room, hoping to inspire myself into success by accident.

Instead, I laid on my bed for 45 min after I got home and read on my Kindle. See, I get so overwhelmed with tons to do, that I revert to childhood and pout and refuse to do anything.


Like last night… Does this pic look like vacuuming or thank you notes? (It does look like fun, though…)

But then after sitting for so long in the chaos of my room, I gave in and picked up one thing. And then another. I was chipping away. And then I hung one shirt back up. And then another. Found one tank top to pass on, and before I knew it, I had this:


It’s magic. It’s a small start, only five pairs of jeans and three button downs and some tees and tanks, but this is huge for me. It’s the first step in chipping away at my to do list.

I didn’t get anything done off tonight’s list, but there is always tomorrow. I’ve never been one to let laundry and an unfolded futon get in the way of my inner peace. C’mon summer!

Just for fun, here’s my sock drawer.


I’ve been wearing mismatched socks since one day when I was scrambling for clothes to go ride. The horse didn’t care and I realized I didn’t either. My anti-matching socks ocd has only grown as people have learned about it. Even the people whose ocd I bug by mismatching have given in and bought me socks (see gret stripe/dots in middle). My sister is the most common culprit, though, and I’ve even converted her. I don’t know if people are really that fascinated by my quirks, or if they just really like spending only $2.99 for the priceless sight of my excitement. Seriously – how many people get equally excited over $250 cowboy boots and a 14-pack of socks?

Hasta manana,