Good Morning Monday

Year Two of being married… ReadySetGo!

The grooms’ cake survived well, considering the trailer disentegrated before the reception, and it’s been upside down in the deep freeze since.


Here’s the finished dishwasher magnet. Switched gears halfway through and I’m pleased.


The other day, Jen from TheHouseFM made the comment that if you can’t find Him, it’s not His fault, and you must not be trying hard enough. Not sure how I feel about such a blanket statement. You have to be of the right mind to have Him, and for those not raised devout, that state of mind can be hard to found, due to the number of thoughts that conflict. I believe that things happen for a reason, and everything you go through sets you on a path for something better. You were meant to live the life you have — so cut those of us who drew the short stick a break for taking the scenic route to Him.