I’ve always been fascinated by Interstates. One lonely stretch of road, connecting Here and There. They lay wherever government planners decided- decisions made with little regard to what small towns they did or didn’t connect to the big cities. And every day you take the Interstate, you get on with a purpose, a route, a story. You take exits at certain intervals, to change roads, to refuel, to end your journey. And although it’s a reflex to peek at fellow drivers during passing (or getting passed), although you’ve developed your stereotype of the driver by his or car, although you may relate to a bumper sticker or a vanity plate, in the end you know no more of their Interstate story than they know of yours. They don’t realize you’re ending an 11 drive back to your true love – they just know they should have left for work 20 min ago.


As it is on the highway, it is in life. You don’t know why I skipped last night blogging and almost forgot tonight any more than I know why you haven’t been reading your WordPress feeds.

Tomorrow, we trek to Stillwater for the third week in a row, not for us or for the sake of going, for once, but for my brother-in-law’s graduation. As we begin our married life, he begins his graduate school career. As he revels in the freedom of summer, we make plans for front porches and rocking chairs and schedule doctors appointments. And frankly, everyone is happy focusing on their own journey.

So good night, all, and be patient on the roads. You don’t know anyone’s story.



The Yellow Shirt

Something has been on my mind all day. My morning (after the normal morning rush) started with a yellow shirt presentation. Yellow shirts are a reward offered by my organization at work for fitness. Not body building competions, by any means, but just for having a body age younger than your calendar age, per the body assessments at our company gym. It’s some complicated formula of strength, flexibility, body fat, and healtg habits. I’m 18, my body says. Sure doesn’t feel it, some days!

The yellow shirts are really nice, and I would normally insert a picture to prove, but since I wear a small, I don’t have mine yet. I can’t wait to get it!

The presentation (very informal) was led by my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss. We went around the room, sharing our wellness attitudes, and one woman spoke of losing 50 pounds and how she loves spring so she can get her daughter to walk outside with her.

And that was when the GM commended her for not only losing the weight, but encouraging others, because even when it’s not our intent, we can be such powerful role models and motivators for other people. We can be a mentor, a workout buddy, an accountability for snacks and lazy days. And that’s probably our greatest benefit of wellness and being healthy – being able to inspire and assist others.

He responded cheerfully to each of our stories with genuine enthusiasm, and never sounded cliche. It was awesome. Lol it really makes me want to go workout now. Will you workout with me?

Be a Yellow Shirt. Be healthy… for you, for your family; for today, for tomorrow.