Round 2

Of course, the rain drizzles off and on all evening, but as soon as I lay down in bed to blog and doze off (monumental day tomorrow), the sky freaking opens onto our tin roof. It’s enough to drive you – or at least, me – nuts!


Been investigating local doctors… Big kid stuff. Wow. Employed and married and looking for healthcare providers. Never thought I’d make it this far, did you, Linna?

The house is still a wreck. I’m not sure what to do with a lot of it. Headed to Stillwater for the third week in a row, for my brother-in-law’s graduation. Maybe we’ll get back at a reasonable time and I can spend all day Sunday organizing.


Weekend was awesome. Stillwater is not home anymore, though… That stage of life is over. Wow. I’m a grown up.


April in Oklahoma

I told everyone we were crossing our fingers for our wedding day to be the one in a million April day to not be:
A) hot
B) cold
C) excessively windy
D) raining
E) tornading
F) all of the above

Despite several scares, our big day went off well. However, Mother Nature is apparently not going to give up Oklahoma, April, or Calffry weekend without a fight. We really need to get a storm shelter. This whole closet thing bothers me a little. In college, Ag Hall was never too far away. At home, I think we got in the basement once. We haven’t hit the closet yet in the 50 weeks I’ve been here, but we’ve had a hole in the middle cleared and ready to jump in twice in that 50 weeks… Crazy what a difference two hours of latitude makes!

Anyway, the tornado-able storm went south of here, no damage visible between the inlaws and here, so it’s back to life as normal. Jeans Week!

Ate mais,


So, yesterday, my busy night got in the way of blogging. We managed to make it to Stillwater in time for the second half of Randy Rogers. CalfFry is a massive crowd (since it took us 20 minutes to pull out of our parking spot) so it’s harder to get up close. I much prefer nights like these:



You know, so close you can ID the stitching on the drummer’s jeans, oso close you can feel pure bass pumping through your veins… Love.

Oh well. Got to see my BGF and people I haven’t seen in a while so life is good. I’m thinking lunch and Marble Slab. 🙂

CalfFry is infamous for being wet and muddy. It wasn’t last night, but you never can tell. Of course, that won’t stop the high school girls and not-country girls from still wearing their sundresses and sandals, or daisy dukes and brand new cowboy boots. Is it a sign I’m getting old that the slightest threat of rain was enough to make me peruse my tshirt collection? I also came to the conclusion that I really need to get motivated to purge my wardrobe. Any hints/tips??


Speaking of motivation, it sure is hard to get motivated to run next year’s circuit when everyone else is chillin with a case of Silver Bullets. Maybe I need another short term goal to get inspired again.

Thought for the day ~ If your dog doesn’t like someone, you probably shouldn’t either.

Day 3

Reading blogs might very well be my new obsession. Keeps me out of the housework, at least… O:)

I also did this tonight:




It’s the little things. Got to spend some quality time with my Yog-Bog while his father sprayed us with grass clippings. Not complicated, just feeding my OCD.


As a sign of celebratory generosity, work is giving us a jeans week next week! Four free casual days! Woohoo! The best thing about jeans weeks (besides the obvious) is the greater shoe options. I only have so many shoes that go with brown Express editors, but I have lots that go with BKE cultures or Ariat amazingness. Like a certain pair of wedding boots… *Annnnnd* sandwiched between this casual Friday and casual Next Week is CalfFry, and you can’t go wrong with a weekend of red dirt! Man… Life is pretty good!

I really want to share something. We noticed a while back that a kildeer had:


made a nest in the driveway. There used to be four eggs… I don’t know if coyotes or foxes or something got three, if a wayward visitor nicked some, or what, but whether she’s sitting on four or one, you still gotta ask – who in the heck told that bird that was a good idea??

I had been thinking about that being one of those things you only see when your driveway isn’t concrete, but Monday, I realized there are things you only see in town….


Thats a handmade Kony 2012 sign. Taped to a buffalo’s face. Leaving work, I saw it had moved (or had been moved) to his left flank. A viral video just can’t catch any breaks.

And some days, I get the best of both worlds…


That’s my better half, throwing a dust cloud I can see from my office almost two miles away.

Sometimes its not so bad being a country girl in the city afterall.

Keeping Up with the Joneses

One rarely thinks of all that goes into the setting up and keeping up of a house. It really is a full time job for two people. I do what I can to keep the house clean and sanitary and accessible, my Other Half does what he can to keep it functional, repaired, maintained, and adequately equipped with hanging nails. That’s about as far as his interior design skills go.


Which is perfectly fine with me – that’s why we make such a good team!

I am a little overwhelmed with the number of towels in my house. All the towels in my house save two white towels (awaiting the weekly hot water-bleach bath his socks and white tees get) got washed yesterday. It was an intimidating stack in and of itself, and that doesn’t even count all the new ones. I guess I wasn’t paying the best attention when I registered, and some people bought without the registry, but we had eight different gifts of towels. They’re all so beautiful! Now to decide if we keep them all or trade a few in against some new living room curtains. Heaven knows I need some.


I’m sure all this is chump change to the sage Farm Wives around the world, and I myself should be used to it… That recliner sure is more appetizing when I get off work, though, than my Chore Checklist Lite app…

Hasta manana,

Day 1

New chapter in my life, new blog. Sounds fitting, yeah? And also it’s easier to create a new account for the app than try to manipulate my old blog to be cool… And, you know, not focused on that blasted wedding. We survived it – chalk it up to love and celebrate it for giving me full possession of that which makes my heart happiest. 🙂


This is my farmer. Even in the Carib, he insisted on wearing his Wranglers and reppin PASS. He also has this fascination with these shades, even though he keeps losing them…


This is my other buddy. He’s really a Daddy’s boy, though. Don’t let the fluffy ears fool you, no fancy food or digs (pun intended) for this farm dog. 🙂

These boys take up the majority of my time on the farm, which is rather.distressing. Who would have thought the girl raised in the dirt and educated in the nitty gritty of agriculture would wind up working somewhere like:


This?? It is what it is, though, and so my new life – and thus, new blog – revolves around the juxtaposition of a farm wife in a city life.

Until next time,